Lately experimenting with photo-blogging my day with the iPhone 4 + Hipstamatic software.*

My first camera was a 126 cartridge affair to which I later added an electronic flash that¬†greatly outweighed the camera itself. I think the 126 instilled a joy of loading objects physically and metaphorically into ports and receptacles. A few short years later during puberty I was gifted a man’s SLR. My first job was in a photo store.

I thought myself a relative purist, respecting the image quality as captured by the camera and considering it a technical art. Any creative retouching in the darkroom then or computer today needed to be done myself. Lately though this habit’s joyfully corrupted using the Hipstamatic + iPhone 4 combination.

Its unobtrusive physicality and somewhat random results are a devil’s distraction to my focus on technical excellence. It’s a way to document my day with creative license while taking care of work around the city of Prague.

I’ve come to think of it as a set of film types and lenses. The software metaphor has invaded my heart and mind. Again I’m carrying around a small camera and it’s a technological joy with retro sensibilities.

Flickr set:

Hipstamatic in Prague

Link to Flickr iPhone set

* The app is based on a camera which really existed: Hipstamatic 100

An Introduction…

Hello and Welcome to my dev blog. Here you will find what I find on the net useful for mobile iPhone coding, and also something about my process learning to develop for this platform.

About me, I’m a Canadian bred on the east coast, formally living on the west coast, and now residing in a landlocked country in Europe. I’m under an hour away from the jewel of central Europe, Prague, a city I find to be nourishment for the eyes and heart of this coding artist.

Competition has always been fierce, but well-executed ideas are still rare. I hope to create something useful and memorable.

Thank you for visiting.