Fun L’il Stamp v1.1 submitted to App Store!

Fun L’il Stamp is a fast, free, fun photo app for iPhone iOS 6, and version 1.1 is almost ready.

This update includes new filters featuring Crayon, Comic and Glow, more sharing options and improved stamp display.

Version 1.1 also features six new looks suited to portraiture by talented young photographer Siiri Kumari.

Fun L’il Stamp sports vastly improved responsive scrolling for large collections, & adds a new level of sharing to Twitter, Instagram, via email or print.

Fun L’il Stamp is free on the App Store: iTunes Link



Fun L'il Stamp's Crayon filter.

Fun L’il Stamp’s Crayon filter.

Fun L'il Stamp's faster wall

Fun L’il Stamp’s faster wall

Fun L'il Stamp's Crayon filter.

Fun L’il Stamp’s Comic filter.

Fun L'il Stamp's Crayon filter.

Fun L’il Stamp’s Crayon filter.

Blackmagic – Cinema Camera – and what it means to me

Blackmagic Design announced at NAB 2012 their new Cinema Camera: 30 fps 2.5k RAW files in 12-bit CinemaDNG format, plus bundled DaVinci Resolve 9.0 color grading software.


My previous video camera was a Sony VX1000e MiniDV, which I used to create nature videos in Canada. This is a major step up :)

Sony DCR VX1000e - Wikipedia

Low-res DV nature video footage link

Currently I take many more photographs than video, and color grading in Lightroom to me is essential and enjoyable. Occasionally I’ll try exposure fusion as well.

My Canon 550D purchase was both an upgrade from the Nikon D40 in still photo resolution and HD video replacement for my Sony VX1000e. Coming from film photography in my teens, what I missed most with the Sony was a selection of lenses.

Click to view my Flickr portfolio.

Getting into the Canon also meant buying EF ‘L’ series lenses and legacy M42 primes for a different feel to the image. The 550D’s APS-C sensor still feels ‘off’ to me due to the crop sensor, but as a price/quality compromise it’s suited to my purposes – light, portable, and excellent quality. Paired with the Magic Lantern hack I get back most of my video functionality.

My TARDIS tour video from the Doctor Who Convention

TARDIS Tour 2012, Doctor Who Convention – Canon 550D + Tokina 11-16mm f2.8

I’m enthusiastic about color grading. Not as enamored with lighting and photographing ‘flat’ to suit the latitude of grading, although it’s the way to go for max choice in post. With the HDSLR it’s back to 8-bit color space. I’d been wishing for a way to combine the bit depth and color processing of my still photos with the higher quality video HDSLRs and lenses offer.

Black Magic Design have manifested my wish into the world.

First though the compromises: first and foremost, sensor size. The imaging sensor is somewhere in between Super-16mm film and Micro 4/3, with a crop factor of around 2.3x compared to 35mm film and full-frame sensors. This translates into less low-light ability and difficulty securing ultra-wide angle shots.

blackmagic cinema sensor size

Now the benefits as I see them, and they are many.

For (less than) the price of a Canon 5D Mark III, I’d have a device that works with my current Canon, M42 and Pentax-M lenses, whilst matching my still photography in terms of bit depth and color correction space.

With a 13-stop dynamic range, forest location contrasts and ‘filmic’ look becomes possible. I can capture footage in a wide variety of settings and have the latitude to explore the emotional impact of a shot in post.

The built-in battery doesn’t bother me at all. An in-built battery does away with all the superflous plastic and metal casing, and functions as a backup for an external battery belt or other technology.

The crop factor gives me pause, mostly because it restricts ultra-wide angle use and shallow depth of field.

I like shallow DOF because in the right context this effect conveys increased intimacy, adding a sense of other-wordly presence to the subject.

Memorial in Prague for Vaclav Havel

That said, the compromise then to me would be to plan the shot and use either the 550D or a 5D Mark II to capture that particular ultra-wide angle of view.

Even at 80% of the dream spec for the purchase I’d access a cinema-presentable quality image that lets me explore the motion sequence in post as I would otherwise explore a still image in Lightroom.

What about lenses?

As for the nature videos, a purchase of a modest Canon EF L 300mm IS lens buys 600mm reach, or 800mm with a 1.4x teleconverter. My PSix 180mm CZK 2.8 lens becomes roughly a 400mm f2.8 lens. Bases covered.

Looking to extreme close-ups, the Cinema Camera will also accept my bellows/extension tubes/macro lens combo, adding cinema quality to my extreme close-up termite, ant and bee photography.

European Paper Wasp

The Cinema Camera chassis is small enough to backpack as I would an SLR, a match with hiking and biking nature locations or walking urban locations. My preference is for composed shots on tripod. I don’t really need the chassis and extras essential in a production setting which a hired professional would bring as a matter of course.

Without hands-on time, my final opinion is positive. Whereas Canon had created an SLR with usable video options, Blackmagic Design have answered with a cinema camera with SLR connectivity.

My vote for Blackmagic’s Cinema Camera: 80% spec, 150% value for the stories I could tell with it out of the box, not another lens needed, for the price of a DSLR. Signed and sold.

On another note, please check out my iPad game, SteamPunk Hockey HD:

Apple Store Link Website: http:www.steampunkhockey

Photographed with Nikon D40

SteamPunk Hockey HD for iPad unleashed


The boffins at Central Planning are proud to announce SteamPunk Hockey for iPad has been conveyed to the App Store.

Exotic artisans from various points east and west of the globe have generously provided new art for the theme-driven game. ‘Time Traveller‘ and the holiday-themed ‘SteamPumpkin Hallowe’en‘ round out the current offerings to six choice backgrounds.

The fellows in Mechanics have worked both over-time and magic into the iPad offering to produce a new ‘Huddle-phonic’ sensation – up to four players may compete on the iPad electrical device! Man against robot, man against fellow man, a gutter dust-up of two against one, or equal odds for the noble-hearted.

Mechanics have also added a ‘Lucid Re-configuration Circuit’ to redraw the screen as the device is rotated in-hand. Therefore SteamPunk Hockey may be played in any orientation, laterally or vertically.

Lest we forget, the Futurists will have left a note on Central Planning’s desks – how will they have done that? – that sea change is coming to SteamPunkHockeyopolis’ competitive features.


SteamPunk Hockey Pumpkin ScreenSteamPunk Hockey Time Traveller verticalSteamPunk Hockey OrientSteamPunk Hockey EmeraldSteamPunk Hockey menu

SteamPunk Hockey reviewed by MacWorld

SteamPunk Hockey for iPhone was fortunate enough to be noticed by MacWorld for review! Click for iTunes link

SteamPunk Hockey Review

Ye olde air hockey game looks stylish, offers anachronistic fun

by Bryan Schell,

Steampunk is a movement within science fiction and alternative culture which melds futuristic technology with Victorian society and imagery in a quirky, anachronistic way. Think gentlemen in bowler hats and ladies in bodices shooting laser guns while riding flying motorcycles that run on steam and have cogs. If that sounds totally awesome to you, you might want to pick up a little game called Steampunk Hockey. Developed by Kenneth Mayfield, the game’s unique style is ultimately its best selling feature. […]

Read the full review at MacWorld

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SteamPunk Hockey charts top 25 App Store in 31 countries, games/family/free

SteamPunk Hockey v1.3 for iPhone is currently charting top 25 in 31 countries including Canada, USA and UK, due to the promotional efforts of OpenFeint and

SteamPunk Hockey is a re-think of the venerable and popular ‘frictionless’ table hockey concepts engineered in the early 70s by Phil Crossman, Bob Kendrick, Brad Baldwin (Wikipedia) and Bob Lemeiux. Many variations have been developed for the touch-sensitive iPhone and are very popular, but few have strayed from the original concepts with the notable exception of Glow Hockey.

Kenneth Mayfield takes the ‘touch hockey’ concept a step further. A love of 19th-century craftsmanship, Romantic-era artists, and modern steampunk & science-fiction concepts pulsing in his heart and veins, Kenn created a game redefining the touch hockey genre and opening it up to consistent thematic and narrative possibilities.

SteamPunk Hockey utilizes various obstacles to redirect the disc’s trajectory and change the gameplay for each level, much like a pinball machine and labyrinth game. The genre style allows for beauty and verisimilitude when introducing new obstacles, robots and layered narrative themes.

As the economic crash of 2009 cascaded across the world, Kenn decided that creativity was the personal and business solution to finding himself out of work in a small Czech economy.
Having purchased a used Mac Mini, a monitor and the $99 Apple Developer license, he set about learning enough Obj-C, Cocos2D, continuous physics and game AI coding to produce a sellable product.
To date Kenn had completed a single object-orientated Flash/Director game development project rendered as a business-to-business service in 2006.

Over the course of two months Kenn drew amongst his previous experience developing Flash e-learning applications for the Geological Survey of Canada and a small business training course taken through the YMCA in Vancouver.

By December 2009 enough work was completed on SteamPunk Hockey to enter the information into Apple’s iTunes Connect, and a single-player version without sound or music was released to the App Store on January 5th for $0.99 USD.
Two consecutive revision quickly followed adding obstacle, sound options, and currently two-player functionality and OpenFeint Achievements.

Throughout January, the game sold over 200 units, including $80 for Haiti charity as part of the Indie+Relief and AppRelief efforts.
By February 2010 sales had dropped to 0-3 per day. Lack of visibility and piracy  appeared to be taking a toll. Kenn offered SteamPunk Hockey to OpenFeint and for promotion, and the rest is (alternate) history in the making.

Version 1.3 of SteamPunk Hockey for iPhone is a physics-driven touch environment using the open-source Cocos2D for iPhone Objective-C game and Box2D physics frameworks.

For more information please contact the developer Kenn Mayfield VIA email: info (at) xyris (dot) ca.

Kenneth Mayfield is a graduate of the 1991 Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and a Canadian currently residing in the Czech Republic, near the UNESCO heritage city of Prague.

SteamPunk Hockey ranking via MajicRank, 11:20AM GMT+1

SteamPunk Hockey ranking via MajicRank, 11:20AM GMT+1

SteamPunk Hockey v1.3 for iPhone Charting; Free for 24 hours

SteamPunk Hockey v1.3 is FREE for 24 hours!

Current chart reports, Games/Family/Free:

USA #51
Canada #95
Hong Kong #97
Japan #45
Taiwan #93
Thailand #89

Special thanks to the iPhone development community, Cocos2D and TouchArcade forums,  and reviewers!

iPad and SteamPunk Hockey

The Apple iPad is a revolutionary device blurring the lines between mobile and laptop.

It also offers tantalizing screen area for games and application development.

SteamPunk Hockey will be developed for the iPad, with a few new features. Stay posted for more news!

SteamPunk Hockey update 1.2.0 is LIVE in the App Store

The latest update to SteamPunk Hockey is now available in the App Store!

This update adds sound fx and background music, with switches to toggle audio both on or off. The ‘bead’ obstacles have been randomized to either remain in place or bounce away on contact with the disc.
The discs themselves have been given more ‘bounce’.

iTunes link:


After mid-February 2010, new features will be added and the price increased to $1.99 USD. Thereafter new levels and obstacles will be offered on a regular basis through in-game purchases.

SteamPunk Hockey and App Relief – sales proceeds to help Haiti

SteamPunk Hockey sales from 21.10.2010 to 24.01.2010 will be donated to the Red Cross in support of the people of Haiti in their time of need.

SteamPunk Hockey iTunes purchase link:

Please visit to view participating developers and perhaps make a charitable donation directly or through the purchase of a game.

A big thank you to all who supported Indie+Relief for Haiti through sales or direct donations!

20/01/2010 Proceeds to be donated to Haiti

Sales proceeds from January 20, 2010 will be donated to Doctors Without Borders in support of Haiti.

purchase link: SteamPunk Hockey

SteamPunk Hockey for iPhone is participating in IndieRelief’s promotional effort to raise money for the families in distress in Haiti after the 7.o earthquake devastated homes and took lives there recently.

Donation will be gifted upon payment of proceeds from Apple.

Please visit on January 20 to purchase applications or make a donation to a charity of your choice.