Sparks are flying!

Motion, check. Weapon loading, check. Collision detection, check. Smoke and sparks, check check check!

More progress this past week. The basic player mechanisms are working. Motion forwards and back, side-to-side orientation. Fire control works. I had concerns about dynamic engine performance on the iphone but so far it is very good, no complaints. I’ve added particle effects to weapon firing and hits, which is working out, and added an extremely basic reward mechanism.

All of these elements need refinement. Currently I’m sketching out the experience across the spectrum of gameplay, which helps illuminate interactions requiring improvement.

Next step is to create one level of finished artwork, and the heads-up display. Altogether this should be enough to share the game with colleagues for feedback. The artwork will involve some 3D modeling, textures, 2D graphics and basic sound effects. Once the initial 3D models are created, variations can be made. Lots of work but satisfying.

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  1. On October 05, 2009 Anonymous from Podebrady says:

    Sounds like you’ve made a lot of progress. Looking forward to seeing it!

  2. On October 05, 2009 XyrisKenn says:

    Thanks! A little bit of progress, but lots of work to do still.